Best UPI Payment App in India 2022

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Let’s know India’s 5 Best Payment App in India 2022. Friends, if you pay online then you must have heard about your UPI. In this post, we will know in detail what is UPI and which are the best interconnects for UPI that you should use. India has not become a fully digital economy even in 2022. Most of the economy runs digitally in Europe and many other countries.

After the formation of the NDA (National Democratic Alliance-National Democratic Alliance) government, a big step was taken to make our economy cashless digital, in which a technology called UPI was invented.

What are UPIs?

Unified Payment Interface (UPI) is a comprehensive form of UPI, a technology through which a person can send money from his bank account to another person’s bank account instantly. Although there were such apps available in the past which used to provide you this facility but they all used to charge a transaction charge. Meaning whenever you send money, you had to pay extra charge ranging from 1 to 2% which was the profit of that app. Despite that, it used to take 1-2 hours for the money to reach.

After knowing everything about Best Payment App in India, we should also know what is UPI but after the arrival of UPI it has changed completely. Firstly, UPI is absolutely free. No matter how much money you send or receive, you do not have to pay any extra charge. The second payment is done immediately, in just a couple of seconds. That is why after the arrival of UPI, all the apps which used to charge you money earlier now give the option of UPI. And there are thousands of such apps.

UPI technology has been created by NPCI which is broadly known as National Payments Corporation of India. According to the data of 2019, 799.5 million transactions are done monthly through UPI. Through Upi you can send or receive money to any region in India.

In his initial phase, Upi faced a lot of difficulties. But over time there are some apps that have improved their apps in a very good way and have joined the top apps. That is why in this post we have told you about the Best Payment App in India UPI Apps.

Top 5 Best Payment App in India 2022

PhonePe is the best Payment App in India, the list after that is given below.

  1. PhonePe
  2. Paytm
  3. Google Pay
  4. Airtel Payment Bank
  5. Amazon Pay

Let us now know in detail about this 5 Best Payment App in India 2022, how these apps can help you and how you can earn money using these payment apps.

1. PhonePe

In this top UPI Best Payment App in India 2022 apps list, PhonePe has been ranked at the first place. PhonePe is the most followed app in India after paytm. PhonePe is placed first because in this you can do not only UPI but many other options like food order, bill payment, credit card payment, gold investment, mutual funds investment etc. This list of 5 Best Payment App in India may be made by PhonePe

Apart from this, PhonePe also gives you some reward on every transaction like shopping coupon, cashback etc. PhonePe’s dedicated support is also quite good. If any of your transactions is not completed, the husband remains pending. So you can request support. They solve your request in 48 hours.

PhonePe (PhonePe Best Payment App in India 2022) is also a good option because it is easy for him. It is very easy to use it. If someone runs this app for the first time, then he does not have to face any difficulty, such a UI has been made. An option that I really like. In this, you can send money in direct message while chatting with your friends.

2. Paytm

Paytm Payment App has made second place in the list of 5 Best Payment App in India, as you must have already known about Paytm because Paytm is an older company than phonepe. But earlier it used to be a wallet app but later it changed to complete banking app. And now it gives all the facilities like UPI, savings banks and FD, credit card.

Paytm is also an easy app that you can do without any hassle. In this app you will also find their ecommerce platform where you can also shop. Paytm does not sell any products of its own, here too, like amazon, common shopkeepers or retailer sell. Paytm is on the second number in our list because it is the highest mobile payment you make in India.

Here you can book movie tickets, you can also buy train or flight tickets. Metro card recharge, LIC premium, utility bill payment, and many such things you can do very easily with Paytm app sitting at home. It is available on Google playstore with 4.5 rating with approx 61,27,939 reviews.

3. Google Pay

In this list Best Payment App in India now comes at number three, Google Pay which was earlier known as Tez. Later Google bought Tez and it was named google pay. It has become a competitor of Phonepe and Paytm very fast, with a very large customer base and that too in a lot of work time. And a simple reason for this is also seen that the name of a brand like Google is associated with it. That’s why the trust on this app came quickly among the people. Google is already known worldwide by its brand value.

With Google Pay, you can easily send money to your friends and relatives directly in their bank account. You can pay bills. You can also do shopping. And you can also pay at any retail outlet. One different thing about Google Pay is that the rest is the most unique. Google gives you a scratch card on every transaction, in which you get some reward which can also be cashback or a coupon which you can redeem on that online store site and also take a discount.

Google Pay Best Payment App in India: Quotation for pizza hut, lens kart etc. You can get coupons from companies. One thing to note is that you do not get a scratch card on every transaction. If you are lucky then you can get a reward of up to one lac. Every app has its own conditions for cashback or reward. Google Pay. Google Play Store is available with 4 ratings and 27,76,391 reviews.

4. Airtel Payment Bank

As you know, Airtel is a big brand in telecommunication. Airtel also has its own in which you also get all the banking facilities and UPI in which you can shop. You can pay at the outlet. You can transfer money very easily, you can recharge mobile. Airtel Payment Bank comes fourth in the list of Best Payment App in India.

Airtel gives you a different thing which no other UPI app gives. If you open an account in Airtel payments bank, then it gives you accidental insurance of one loss. Which keeps on renewing itself every month, just you have to do some transactions every month. I personally do it myself and haven’t had any problems so far.

5. Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is pretty new to you right now. Well this new is only in the payment wallet. You yourself know how old and big the company is. Amazon Pay is still in its struggling stage but due to its cashback I had to keep it at 5th position. PhonePe, Paytm etc do not give cashback nowadays. Gives a lot of work even if you get it. But to compete with all these, Amazon Pay currently offers very good cashback offers. Amazon Pay has made the last place in our list of Best Payment App in India.

Amazon is the largest online marketplace in India and many other countries. On which more than 10cr products are available and also the largest customer base. Amazon cashed the same customer base into Amazon Pay. And on top of that, whenever you pay through Amazon Pay for your Amazon shopping, you get a discount on every purchase. So what are you waiting for? You would have been shopping from Amazon anyway, but how would you feel if you got a free discount on the same shopping?

Whenever you shop from Amazon, then pay money in Amazon Pay and pay. You will get discount on every transaction. Amazon Pay is also a UPI app. In which you can link your bank account and can do money transfer, bill payment, shopping etc. directly from your bank account.