How to Transfer money via Cheque

How to Transfer money via Cheque

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If your account is in any bank, then you must have received a check on that bank account, do you know how money is sent from check to bank account. If you want to get all this information then read this article till the end. In this article, we will tell you what is check and how it works and how you can transfer money with the help of check.

If you want to give money to another person, then check is the easiest and safest way because the entire process of this check is offline, due to which there is no danger in it, whereas in sending money online, sometimes the transaction goes pending. Due to which we have to face trouble many times.

What is Cheque

A check is a letter given by the bank to its customer, through which the account holder tells the bank that the amount written on the check from his bank account should be given to the person in whose name this check has been issued.

Through check you can send any amount of money to any other and for this you neither need to go to the bank nor do any transaction online. Through check, many people’s time is also saved a lot and with the help of this, you can also withdraw a lot of cash from the bank.

How Cheque has issued

When you issue a check in the name of any person, you have to write that amount in both figures and words and you are also required to put your signature on the back of the check so that the bank official can know that That check has been issued by the same account holder in whose name the check stands.

Through check, you can also get cash money directly from the bank and also if you want, you can also deposit those money in any other bank account of yours. Now you must have come to know about many information related to cheque, now we will tell you how to transfer check money to bank.

How to Transfer Money from Cheque

If you want to transfer the check money to the bank account, then you have to go with the issued check to the bank in which you have an account. After going to your bank, you have to take money deposit receipt and fill the information asked in that receipt like your name, your account number, date, name of bank branch etc.

After this, you have to attach that check with that receipt and deposit it with the bank cashier. A bank cashier is a bank employee who gives money to customers who withdraw money from the bank. After depositing your check with the bank cashier, the cashier of the bank will give you a receipt for depositing the check and you have to go home. Within 2 to 7 days of depositing your check in the bank, all the check money will be deposited in your bank account.

Benefits of Cheque

There are many benefits of sending money by check to the bank, which are being told below.

  • Through check, sending money from one bank account to another or withdrawing cash is much safer than online medium.
  • During online money transfer, many times our transaction goes pending and we get our money back in 2 to 7 days while there is no risk of this happening in this process.
  • The money sent through cheque gets to the same person for whom that check has been issued, whereas during online transaction, there is a fear of our money going to the wrong bank account due to wrong account number.
  • Depositing money in your bank account by check is much easier than depositing cash and at the same time saves a lot of our time.


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